Monday, July 30, 2007

My Kingdom for a Washer

The nature of the equine life dictates that a good deal of time must be spent searching for the right piece of equipment, attachment, tack, decoration, etc. One wouldn't think that should also be the case for basic farmstead hardware.

Deciding to install twelve foot swing gates on each end of the barn isle seemed to pose no unexpected challenges. Mounting of the gate latch plate to the rounded corner of the support pole at the isle wall would only require a quick trip to the local hardware store for a couple of 5/8" hot dipped angle washers to fab up a square fit. A week and a half later, I finally cut the ribbon on this 'low hanging fruit' project. Pair of twelve foot gates: $116, two sets of 12" lag bolt hinges: $24, pair of heavy duty support thumb latches: $32, eight 5/8" HD galvanized angle washers: Undetermined. Trips to Agri Supply, Big Blue Store, Tractor Supply, two Lowes, Best Hardware, Stewart Hardware, McPhersons Hardware, True Value Hardware, and even Wal-Mart tallied around 250 miles on the not so diesel friendly F350 dually. Much to my dismay, was I not only surprised to find the widespread unavailability of these babies, but I was additionally taken aback when I found myself having to describe what they were and why there would be a use for such an item anywhere in the universe.

The final resolution was an on-line order from a company named Fastenal which was turned around in a matter of two days. I suppose wit a bit of time on a calculator I could render a final price tag for my beveled buddies but the cost in cash would pale in comparrison to the anguish I suffered in trying to understand why something so simple could be so hard.


mikki925 said...

Are you still out there? If so, I have “tagged” you to tell the blogosphere 8 things about yourself that we don't already know. Sorry if you have already been tagged! There is a link to your page here:

mikki925 said...
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Volcamp said...

Yup. We're here. Just been really busy. Especially searching for hay, or even stubble :-). I'll get to a list shortly. There are many more than 8 things about me/us that I'm sure no one would care about and just as many that I'm sure we wouldn't want anyone to know.