Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coming up to speed....slowly

Never been here, never done this. Bloggin' that is. I'll start things slowly and keep it simple for my own sake, as well as that of anyone who may stumble in here. We are located in the southeastern region of North Carolina. A year and a half ago, we purchased a farm which had been used for horses and donkeys, mostly. Quite a bit of history got us to this point, but I'll work through most of that in forthcoming posts. Although the place was a dream come true for us to purchase, it is a place which is in need of much repair and upgrading (pics forthcoming). At present, we have five horses. Three Tennessee Walkers which are my Wife and Daugther's show horses, a pushy Arabian which has much to learn and a Halflinger who is basically retired in place. Our learning curve for all things horses is still a steep climb. Pasture care has been a focus for this spring and summer as our pastures had been left to their own resources for about two years. Barn renovations, shed recovery and arena construction are the major projects of priority at present. Each has been getting only token attention to date but we have settled for concentrating on the arena as the lack of one is having a detrimental affect on our show training and preparation. That said, the biggest challenge of all is probably that time management has never been one of my strong suits.

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