Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sick of it

Having been here for over 5 years, we have still not done much to renovate the water system for the barn or pastures. As a result, the winters have been taxing with frozen lines and troughs, but manageable. Last winter was the worst so far, but this winter has finally reached the point of being unbearable. We have been constantly busting ice, thawing lines and carrying water. Since it appears as though this global warming is going to freeze us to death, it's time to make some changes. At this point there is not much I can do until warmer weather, but I can install a water hydrant inside the barn so that we are assured of having water available where we most need it, when we need it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pretty, But....

Our newest storm has come and gone, leaving behind some beautiful scenery. What was originally supposed to be 2 to 3 inches off to our west, turned into just a tad under 8 inches here. It was a dry, powdery snow. Not at all like the wet, heavy stuff we usually get when do get any snow at all. Only problem was, late Monday and most of that night we had light freezing rain that compacted the snow and left an 1/8th inch of ice over everything. It has now been three days and we are just now seeing the normal drab, brown grass starting to return to view. The horses have not been happy with the crusty mess at all. Our Boxers loved playing in the snow, but once in crusted over and re-froze, they quickly became obviously tired of having to negotiate through it. As for us, it was pretty, but we are tired of frozen pipes and transporting water. I promise to be a little bit more tolerant of this coming summer's heat.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Global Warming?

Last winter was tough. Overall, it was the coldest winter we could remember in quite some time around here with some periods of bitter cold as well as a six inch snowfall which is an exceptionally rare event in these parts. We lost our entire water system in the barn last winter, due to damage from frozen pipes. This winter has started off to be even worse. December closed out as the coldest on record for this area. We have already had a mild icing event as well as a four inch snow and are now bracing for a new storm late tonight, to be followed by a week of frigid weather. We have taken temporary (and expensive) measures to insure our horses have access to drinkable water but this summer will be spent putting the entire water system underground and installing frost proof hydrant style spigots. We will also be completing our electrical overhaul of the barn which will include underground service to all of our water troughs to allow easy use of trough heaters and/or heated buckets. Hopefully this will be our last winter of ice busting and water toting.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gators move to 2-0 in TRC

The Lady Gators returned to conference play Friday night with a home game against Red Springs. After struggling in their last several games, the girls hit the floor looking like the Gators we are used to seeing. After a quick start that put 35 points on the board at halftime, the girls only managed five points in the 3rd quarter but finished strong to come away with a 53-21 victory. B played what may have been her best game of the year finishing with 10 points, 5 steals and several nice passes for assists. A few quick clips of B (#14) can be found here . A local news clip from WECT TV can be seen by clicking on the title of this article and scrolling to the bottom. The win put the Gators at 6-3 on the year and 2-0 in the Three Rivers Conference. The girls will have to wait a bit to hit the hardwood again as the next game in not until Friday, at St. Paul’s.