Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gone to See About a Dog

After the passing of Brady, I think it was a given that we would shortly be looking for a new pup. Brady being gone left a big hole in our little world. After a bit of time we, mostly C, began looking around in papers, internet, etc. Without even being aware of it, I believe my heart was already set on anther brindle boxer, much the same as Brady was. C found one on the internet and at the first look we were very taken by him. The biggest hitch with this deal would be that he was in Mountain City, TN. Now, as anyone that know us is aware of, we are pretty much up for trip to Tennessee at just about any time. But making the trek simply to pick up a dog seemed, even to us, a bit much. Anyway, after some soak time, we decided to make the trip. We even decided to take Lexi with us. This was her first road trip of any real distance and certainly her first over-niter. We searched the web and made reservations at a pet friendly motel in Mountain City and headed up on Saturday. We were late arriving and picked our new pup up on a cold night, well after dark. He was being kept in a dark and isolated stall and being the last of the litter, looked very alone and sad. Immediately there was no doubt, it was a done deal. With our new brindle boxer we were off for a late checking at the motel and a quick pizza. Lexi and our yet un-named pup did great overnight and both traveled well on the way home on Sunday. During the trip we decided his name should reflect his coming from Tennessee so we finally settled on Bristol. Upon our arrival home, it became quickly obvious that Bristol had a lot of learning to do. He could not negotiate steps and did not even know what a hole in the ground was as he almost immediately walked off into one when we turned him loose in the back yard. So, to sum it up, Bristol is special in more than one way, much the same as Brady was and always will be. But in the end, Bristol will be unique in his own way and he is now in a place where he will loved cared for. Too bad, so many pets never make it to a place like that.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

2007-08 Lady Pats Finish 2nd

After finishing in 2nd place in the conference regular season, the Wilmington Christian Academy (middle school) Lady Patriots hoped to pull out a championship in the post season tournament. After wading through the first two rounds it came down to a championship matchup with Harrells Christian Academy, the regular season champions. The Pats had split their two regular season matches with each team winning on their home court. In the end, Harrells simply had the edge with more physical play and a deeper bench to take the championship in at ##-## decision. The Lad Pats finished the season with a respectable 14-3 record and the 2nd place trophie. Looking ahead, there will be great expectations for this group as the team will consist of the most talented collection of young athletes that anyone can remember at WCA. Only time will tell....