Monday, March 22, 2010

Tank Goes To School

We decided it was time to get Tank started on his transformation into show material. A short trip to Holly Ridge would put Tank in the capable hands of our trainer, Roey Mobley, at Milestone Walking Horses. Roey, as do we, believes Tank could well be a diamond in the rough. Roey run a fine establishment with a great stable of students. We will be making periodic trips through the process for lessons and to see how she is coming along with polishing Tank's rough edges.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady Gators Week 1

After having their first four games of the year rained out, the ECHS JV Lady Gators finally got the 2010 season rolling with four games in three days. In the season opener on Tuesday, B started and pitched a complete game 10-1 win over East Bladen. B struck out 10 and walked none while also getting three put-outs on come-backers. A double header at South Columbus on Wednesday concluded in a split with the Lady Stallions. The Gators dropped a close 5-3 decision in game one, leaving the bases loaded in the final inning. ECHS came back strong in the nitecap, hammering out a 9-2 win. B started the first game and went four innings allowing only one run. The Gators wrapped up a successful week on Thursday with a 15-1 pasting of East Bladen in an away rematch of the season opener. B started and picked up the win, going four innings and striking out 5 while allowing only one walk. The Lady Gators look to have a well balanced squad with good hitting and solid defense. Going 3-1 in the opening week is a great start and should make for a fun spring.

Monday, March 15, 2010

First Show of 2010

B and I had our first horse show of the year on March 13th & 14th. It was truly one of the best times we have had. Considering the many hurdles we had to get past. We had to do this show solo as Dad was working an outage and wasn’t able to go with us. Due to B having a game scheduled on Friday evening, we decided to take the horses up on Friday morning to get them settled in and set up the trailer for spending the weekend. We usually try to get to shows on Friday so we can practice and get the horses familiar with their surroundings. On Friday morning we were going to tie up loose ends so I decided to let B go to school a little late, but she had to be present so she would be eligible to play Friday night. The forecast was calling for rain so I told her that if it rained and they cancelled her game she could go with us. Just before time for her to go to school we received a text from her coach saying the game was cancelled. So B got to stay home and we loaded up the horses and headed to Camden. .

Since my truck driver was not able to go to this show with us, I would have to drive the trailer home from the show by myself…..something I have never done before. We have a 3 horse trailer with living quarters. It is pretty big for me. Yes, I drove to Camden for practice and R followed us in his car to help us get set up. We arrived safely, got the horses settled in and started hooking up the trailer. Water immediately started pouring all over the floor. We ended up with a broken water pump. Of course, there was not one to be found anywhere. So that meant we had no water. No big deal. We’ve camped for years so we are no newbie’s when comes to a shower house.

We got everything squared away and R left for home. We hung out with our trainer Roey Mobley and others that were showing with her. It was so much fun being “barn buddies” with them. There were a total of 4 horses in our stable showing together. Gus, Moonie, Mya and Missy. We all did very well in the show ring. B and I both got a 4th and 5th place ridding Missy.
We are looking forward to our next show in Raleigh. Oh, and by the way, my drive with the trailer… piece of cake!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Got the Big One

We got the biggest snow our area has had in quite a few years. It was a good 6-1/2" which is a major event in these parts. As is usually the case this close to the coast, it was a heavy, wet snow, which brought down quite a few limbs. Our power blinked a time or two but stayed on. C's Mon and Dad, next door, lost power for almost half of the day right after a transformer just down the road blew. It was beautiful on the farm and I think the horses even enjoyed it. Especially our new Percheron, Midnight, who promplty took a roll in the snow as soon as B let her out of her stall.