Monday, August 6, 2012

Temporary Boarders

B and I were working outside this past weekend when we heard a strange and loud noise coming from the shed. Upon investigation we found two very young kittens that appeared to have gotten trapped in a deep storage box and seemed to have been abandoned by the mother. As I guess is the case with most rural farm areas, we have any number of cats that come and go as they please. This is certainly far from the first litter of kittens to have been brought into this world on our property, but they are the first that have required our assistance. They were very tiny and as best we could guess were not more than a couple of weeks old. As a result, we are working as a team to provide baby bottle feedings every few hours. They are certainly living the life of a king compared to the dirty heat and humidity of the shed. Our newest Boxer, Cricket, thinks she wants to be their mommy and has turned out to be very protective of them when the other dogs start sniffing around them. At this point we are unsure what their future holds since we really don't need additional critters. All we can do in the meantime is provide them with the opprotunity live and grow and hopefully move on with their lives. Keyword....move on.