Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How does your garden grow?

For three years running, C's parents and ourselves have tried to grow a productive garden. Keep in mind that our property is for the most part, white sand and/or a powdery black substance that is supposed to be dirt, but basically resembles talcum powder. In either case, it is not nutrient rich by any stretch of the imagination and holds water for about half a day. Additionally, there appears to be some sort of curse on the property that prevents any appreciable rain from falling during any time of year that we may wish for something to grow. The combination of those two maladies have resulted in the first two garden attempts failing, miserably. This year however, is so far, looking promising. We had a good deal of rain this winter which I think gave us a good jump start despite the fact that once again, this spring has been extremely dry. Lots of watering has thus far kept things looking good, but we are in dire need of some substantial rain before the seriously hot weather sets in.

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