Friday, January 1, 2010

A Tank for Christmas

A Happy New Year to everyone and hopes that all had a very Merry Christmas. As has been the case with us for the past few years, Christmas was kept on the light side this year. Not much under the tree and just a bit of family gift exchanging. B did get her #1 wish for the Holiday though...a new food processor whose official name is Flashy Cuts Rebel. His short name is Tank. The Flashy part seems to suit him best as his a black beauty with what looks like it will prove to be an eye catching gait. He is a 5 year old Tennessee Walker that we purchased from the N.C. Boys and Girls Home in Lake Waccamaw. That may not sound like your average pipeline for quality horses, but you can never judge a book by it's cover. They have many very nice, well cared for horses. Tank is green as a gourd relative to any type of showing and will need a good deal of training and ground work, but looks to be well worth the effort. Task one will be getting him introduced to the current residents and seeing how things work out between him and our reigning ban boss, Apollo.

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