Monday, September 14, 2009

Pine Rock Fun

B participated in the annual Pine Rock Fun Show this past weekend in Kittrel, NC. As usual, the facilities looked great, the hosts were super and the turnout outstanding. We got off to a slow start in the morning events without placing in our first several classes. C had planned on participating but scratched her classes as the day progressed and proved to be a rather hot day for the middle of September. In the double show format, B brought home a 5th and 6th place ribbon on Missy in the Youth Trail Pleasure Western 2 Gait. Riding Red, she collected a 5th and 6th place in Country Pleasure Western Youth 2 Gait as well as a 5th place in Country Pleasure Western Open 3 Gait. Her best effort of the day was a 3rd place ribbon on Red in Country Pleasure English Open 3 Gait. In the Games portion of the show B and Red took a double 5th place in the Egg and Spoon class.

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